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We use this site as a way of presenting all our patients with an up to date resource for all information relating to our practice. We will keep it current with any news, developments and details that are relevant to the practice and our patients. As well as a source of information about our practice, the staff and the services we provide, we hope you use the website as a useful resource with links to other reliable websites for health related information. If there is topical health information we will also add this to the website.

Have a look around our website and please do send us some feedback. We can use your thoughts to improve our online services and further develop the website to make it more useful for our patients.


At Greenway Practice, if you need to be seen face to face, you will be.


WE WILL BE CLOSED on Thu 2nd Jun and Fri 3rd June 2022.

In an emergency please contact:

Sebdoc Out Of Hours Emergency Cover  02890 796220


We are closed for training on the following afternoon, closing at 1pm:

Wednesday 15th June

Details of emergency cover will be recorded on telephone system



When triaging your calls, patient safety is our main priority.

Telephone lines open at 8:30 - please telephone at this time to request a call-back from the GP.

These triage slots reach full capacity very quickly.

If you have missed getting a call back, please telephone the following week-day at 8.30am. The receptionist will ask for details so that the GPs can prioritise their calls.

For genuine EMERGENCIES there will be an emergency doctor on call every afternoon.

Covid restrictions are still in place.  When attending for your appointment, please wear a mask and adhere to social distancing rules.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this very busy time.

Greenway Practice has been open every week day during the Covid Pandemic We have been consulting with patients by telephone and in person for anyone who needs to be seen or wishes to be seen.  However please do not attend the Health Centre unless you have been asked to by the GP or the nurse for a booked appointment.

Your up-to-date telephone number is essential for our records

PLEASE inform our receptionists of your most recent telephone number.

We will be using your mobile number to text you with future updates and information.

Your mental health is very important to you and to us.  You can speak to a GP about your mental health - see above.

Here are some self-help tips some patients have found very helpful to manage their own mental health at this time of uncertainty:

a)  Try to keep to a routine as much as you can - eat and sleep at normal times if possible. 

b)  Go for walks if you are able.  Take photos of nature.  Smile and say hello to passers-by.

c)  "I have found that being creative has helped me so much" - try drawing, baking or doing a jigsaw.

d)  Try making a collage of your nature pictures.

e)  Try to remember that nothing lasts forever.  You can get through this difficult time.

f)  Speak about how you feel, you will be surprised at who is willing to help you!

g)  Be kind to yourself.  Take it hour by hour - not even day by day.

h)  Minimise watching bad news on TV.

I)  "It's okay to feel however you feel, people cope and react to things in different ways"

j)  Try not to put pressure on yourself. 

Remember if you need to speak to someone about your mental health, telephone as close to 8.30am as you can and leave a message for our triage doctor to ring you back.


If you wish to see one of our Treatment Room Nurses, you must now make an appointment by telephoning us any afternoon on 02890 563350.

Covid rules apply to these appointments:

*  Do not come more than 5-10mins early for your appointment as there is restricted seating.

*  You must wear a mask or a face covering before entering the Health Centre

*  You must attend on your own unless you require assistance whilst walking, etc.

Blood Results

When you get a blood test in the Treatment Room, the results come to Greenway Practice.

If any of your results are abnormal, you will receive a telephone call from the receptionist or the GP.

If all your results are normal, we will not routinely contact you.

Nurse Ruth's blood requests

If your blood tests are requested by Practice Nurse Ruth,

please book a review with her within 2 weeks following your tests.

The Covid-19 situation in Northern Ireland

A covid-19 coronavirus message

We are striving to reduce the "foot-fall" within the Health Centre.

1.  Do not attend the surgery unless you have an appointment. 

2.  Nominate a pharmacy to collect your prescriptions from.

3.  Do not come to the Practice to order your prescription......use our telephone request service.

If you are attending the practice, you MUST wear a face covering in the Health Centre.

Online prescribing service


You may now register at reception to enable you to order repeat prescriptions online which will use the site.  You can speed up the registration process by printing the online services registration form beforehand, completing it and bringing it to reception with a photo ID.


Minor Ailments Scheme

If you are suffering from some minor ailments you could visit a pharmacy for advice and treatment. Pharmacies provide the Minor Ailments Scheme free of charge and consultations are confidential. Here are some conditions which are covered: 

Cold sores
Mouth ulcers
Oral thrush
Vaginal thrush
Athlete’s foot
Ear wax
Head lice
Groin itch



(Site updated 07/07/2022)
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